Praia do Guincho

Guincho  is one of the largest beach in Cascais. It lies precisely in Guincho Road, which follows the coastline from the town of Cascais and will connect to the municipality of Sintra.

Situated in an area of dunes and very exposed to winds from the north, has worldwide fame  for water sports such as windsurfing. The sea can offer some temperamental risk to bathers mainly because of the strong winds and currents. But in ideal conditions, it is one of the nicest beaches in the region.

Throughout Guincho Road you can find upscale restaurants, the 5 star Hotel Guincho and the famous Muchacho Inn.

At the beach you can find bars that provide food and drink while you enjoy the sun!

The beach is guarded and equipped with first aid, restore points and several other services for bathers.

There is a car park next to the road and in the far north, near the Bar do Guincho. Nevertheless, it is normal to be full  during Summer.

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