LUMINA- Light Festival



Between 13 and 15 September Cascais receives the ” Lumina – Festival of Light” event where the light and sea combine to make the historic center of Cascais and Bay into an innovative cultural experience . Over three nights more than two dozen national and international artists will transform Cascais in a real art gallery open  creating spectacles of light and color, video, mapping, 3D effects, light graffiti, projections of multimedia giant sculptures of light and facilities that will interact with the audience in an unique experience in Portugal .

The ” Lumina ” include various situations  such as designing an intervention in the Bay that will cover the fishing community, the creation of an igloo on the beach in the summer and light projections in the historic buildings. Facilities will also be applied in the streets and local reference Cascais  like Parque Marechal Carmona that will open its doors at night to get a set of lights that would combine with nature .

Date : 13-15 September from 20h to 24h . Free admission .

First experience of electric lighting was in Cascais

To artists who bring Cascais the most creative and artistic lighting of public spaces has not gone unnoticed that the first experience of electric street lighting in Portugal  happened precisely in Cascais. Ran on September 28, 1878 when , on the occasion of the birthday celebrations of Prince D. Carlos , the Citadel won the life that only light can give.
Cascais given its geographical position  has also pioneered the land of lighthouses and their lights contributed to the success of the Portuguese Discoveries . Today the light of headlights reminds us Cascais connection with the sea  inspiring much of the art installations, participatory performances , conferences and conversations with artists . During the festival there are numerous pieces that give voice to the people  letting them reflect on the public space  and add a playful tone do question – the way we live .

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