Guincho Beach, by CNN

The Guincho beach in Cascais is part of the ten best city beaches in Europe ​​by ‘CNN’. The Portuguese beach, which is in sixth place, is recognized by the “strong waves of the sea environment and good for surfing.”

According to the ‘CNNGuincho is the best city beach´s because of  the short distance from  Lisbon and the landscape and quality features.


“After a morning in the old quarter of Alfama, in their cathedrals and taverns, a trip to this long beach sheltered by cliffs, only 20 minutes by bus from the center of Lisbon, gives us a great change of scenery” described the American television network.

CNN reports that the beach is “known for the strong waves of the sea environment and good for surfing. On any day of the week, the water is filled with kite and windsurfers.”

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