São Pedro de Sintra- A romantic itinerary

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São Pedro de Sintra is one of the most romantic walking tour.

Start at the Fontain of São Pedro, it dates from 1929.


Then go to the Ermida of Sta Eufémia, pilgrimage site for the devotees, is regarded as the site of Sintra most remotely inhabited, probably since around 4000 BC. In the seventeenth century a French knight had built the chapel of St. Euphemia where existed a temple dedicated to the moon.

Close by, you can find a viewpoint with amazing Sintras´sights

The Local Market is also a must  visit spot. It takes place on the 2nd and the 4th Sunday of each month and you can find an amazing variety of items from craft to antiques and biological produts.

Afterwards go to the St Lazaros Chapel, built during the 15th century.


Followed by the Church of São Pedro de Penaferim, with medieval origins that was changed and rebuilt in 1565.  To see the original church just keep on until the Mours Castle were you can find the ruins dated from the first portuguese king, D. Afonso Henriques.

And to end this amazing walk, just go through São Pedro´s streets, a  cozy, romantic, unique place!!

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