Sintra is a testimony of almost all periods of Portuguese history. And it goes far beyond that, in Sintra one can find legacies of the world History.

Many  artists were seduced by Sintra. It was transformed into  written art, painted art, sung and remembered by Byron, Christian Andersen, Richard Strauss and William Burnett, among others.

The architectural and historical circumstance dictated to Sintra an unique  individuality , like the art historian Vitor Serrão wrote:”Sintra is not just any village ” Sintra is a World Heritage site, is Cultural Landscapes (UNESCO).

Sintra is a parallel universe, that we only know in dreams.In short, Sintra is the only true capital of Romanticism. – “Sintra is the only place in the country where history has become a garden. ” “‘Praise Love’, Virgil Ferreira.

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