Sintra is one of those earthly paradises where the devine hand  carved nature in a sublime way  surprising us with  beauty of it´s  work.

Sintra is a place to feel. Do not just talk about it, tell the history or describe its landscape. It is a place with spirit, a place that speaks to us inside. The mystery that surrounds Moon Hill; density chromatic landscape that surprises us; sea inspirational and dreamy, its legends and traditions, their peculiar people, whose hospitality and sympathy is recognized, in short, all this and much more where words are not enough, makes Sintra Glorious Eden which Byron so well knew how to sing.


Known in antiquity as Moon Hill, or Promontorium Lunae, the strong tradition of astral cults still visible in numerous monuments and archaeological objects, the Serra de Sintra is a granite massif about 10 km long that emerges abruptly from a vast plain to the north and the estuary to the south, on a winding mountain range that enters the Atlantic Ocean to form the Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point after the European continent.

Cherished and revered by man throughout history, the Serra de Sintra today introduced a set of fabulous monuments of various eras, from pre history to the present day, a statement about odd and a huge cultural tolerance, perhaps the reason that turned Sintra in to a consecrated Heritage.


Competing with the monumental diversity, there is a need to enhance the environmental richness of this mountain. Thank to its micro-climate, here are some of the most beautiful parks in Portugal, planted the romantic flavor and also a native vegetation, dense and leafy, which give it a majestic countenance in speckled green chromatic.


The visitor can descend to the Neolithic Tholos do Monge, enjoy the horizons in the walls of the Moorish Castle, military construction Arab ffrom the 8th Century;  feel the austerity of the monks in the Franciscan Capuchin Convent; stroll through the mysteries of the Pena Palace, mythical and magical building that looks more like an extension of the mountain itself, and raise awareness on the corner candy Pena Park, site of love and exoticism which exude great peace and serenity.

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