Peneda-Gerês National Park, North of Portugal in Minho

Peneda-Gerês National Park, North of Portugal in Minho
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“There are places in the world that are as certain human existence: all combines to miss nothing of their greatness and perfection. Gerês This is one of them.”
Miguel Torga, Diario VII

São Bento

The mountainous region received its charter in 1514 by King Manuel I. Found in Terras de Bouro old “Castro” of Chalcedon, erected by the Romans, we also find countless landmarks and millenary Roman road between Braga and Astorga, a town that is known for Geira national treasures of Portugal.


The Gerês symbolizes the harmony between man and nature, a constant sharing of activities and feelings between people and the inhospitable nature of the granite mountains shaped by time.

The crystal clear waters flows by streams and the clean air involves a great diversity of fauna and flora providing a continuous movement of calm and pleasure. Home of some animals like the semi wild horse Garrano, Wolves, Fallow Deers and many others endangered species.


A hiking trails net that allows to see places that would be impossible to find by car, an experience that should not be missed.

Major tourist destination for over a century is a brand to defend, preserve and learn to take advantage of its legitimate for the sustainability of the region. The Peneda-Geres Park offers products and services with great quality and aiming to provide welfare so necessary to our lives so hectic.

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