The Mermaid Legend – Azores

The Mermaid Legend – Azores
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Legend of the Mermaid

In the early times of the island of Flores a blond boy with blue eyes was fishing, after a few hours it seemed that he had caught something and began to hoist the wire. For his surprise he saw a very beautiful redhead girl with very shiny hair. The mermaid explained that he could not take her out of the water because she would die and he set her free! After that they would met every evening. The days passed and they fell in love but the situation seemed impossible. One day the mermaid told him the secret that would turn her into human, the fisherman would have to boot the her gills !

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After thinking about it , because it seemed a barbaric act and could kill his beloved one, decided to proceed. Suddenly after collapsing the girl was able to emerge from water and for their surprise had two legs. Like all happy endings after some time they got married. This area of the island is designated by the Ponta Ruiva/Redhead Edge, because the boy was fishing at the tip of the rock and the color of the mermaid´s hair. This is a part of the island where most of the population is blonde / redhead and has blue eyes!


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