Cape São Vicente- Sagres, Algarve

Cape São Vicente- Sagres, Algarve

The history and myth of Sagres can be confused with the furthest point of the known world – Cabo Sao Vicente. Wrapped in a halo of mystery and mythical feelings imposed by its coast, wind and wild vegetation.

Since the Neolithic that Cabo Sao Vicente was used as a place of worship. Already in the 4th century BC, Greek writers reported religious ceremonies involving libations and the banning of human beings during the night as it was seen as a place frequented by gods.

Rise to the promontory, consult the gods, keeping promises, was mandatory for all sailors who ventured into the ocean which was inhabited by terrible monsters . It was here that Infante D. Henrique founded the school that contributed to the Discoveries. It was here that began the globalization of the world.

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