Glamping, a new way of camping!

Glamping, a new way of camping!
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What is glamping? Nothing more than camping with Glamour .. recent in Portugal but with an increasing number of supporters. Ones does not have to be a professional camper but must  like fresh air, to be in contact with nature and in harmony with the wild, because all these projects’s number one worry is  the environment.


Imagine to be able to sleep in a tipi, traditional North American Indians, or a yurt, Mongolian tent, a safari or even a gypsy caravan! Do not be fooled, because inside  most have the same perks of a good hotel. No one sleeps on the floor but in beds, it  has fireplaces or stoves, some even have private or interior  bathrooms. In radical cases can be outside or shared.



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Can be found in central and south of Portugal. In places like Penhas Douradas, Odeceixe or even Silves. Please note that they have limited rooms, eco resorts facing sustainable tourism that does not want to change the environment, therefore, have a limited offer.


To be able to enjoy a stay, you might have to book well in advance. A different alternative, an affordable new experience!



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