Zambujeira do Mar, Small Sea Town in Odemira

Zambujeira do Mar is a small sea side town on the coast of the Alentejo, in western Portugal. It has some fine sandy beaches and picture perfect traditional architecture, making it a small but well loved destination for visitors.

Zambujeira’s coast is part of the Nature Park of the Southwest Alentejo.

Zambujeira do Mar is a parish of Odemira, with 42.96 km ² and 912 inhabitants (2011). Density: 21.2 inhabitants / km². Became a parish on 30 June 1989 (before belonged to the parish of St. Teotónio), being the smallest county.

Its coast, part of the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina, is trimmed with cliffs and small beaches, outside the tourist season, are havens used by few. These are in addition to the central beach of Zambujeira, beaches Alteirinhos, Our Lady, Arquinha and Vat.

The main activity is tourism, but are also relevant to agriculture, livestock and fisheries, housing one of the four county ports (called Barca Input). In recent years, it has grown quite rural tourism, with a handful of quality resorts around the village.

In August are held the top three zambujeirense calendar events: in the 1st half of the month, the Southwest Festival, the largest summer music festivals in the country, based a few miles from the village; on 15 August, the religious parties and procession dedicated to the local patron saint, Our Lady of the Sea; on 29 August, the annual fair.

The community land, the Cultural and Recreational Association Zambujeirense, performs various recreational, cultural and sporting activities.


Zambujeira do Mar Beach
One of the most known and popular beaches in the region and one of its major cards Business. Protected by high cliffs, lies at the mouth of a stream, near the locality. At the south end where it was erected a chapel, dangerous form-currents that can drag the most unprepared. Very popular for surfing and bodyboarding.

Alteirinhos Beach
This beach protected by a high cliff used to be a good alternative to the usual hustle and bustle of the beach Zambujeira do Mar, but in recent years are increasingly bathers who seek it. During low tide you can enjoy yourself all its originality: the small coves widen, forming a huge beach sprinkled with rocks, pools and ponds, full of limpets, mussels and shrimp. The rock that extends by the sea is a favorite fishing grounds in the region. Access: follow the dirt road to South Beach Zambujeira do Mar. At the top of the cliff, next to the pine trees, turn towards the coast. Then down the steps carved into the rock.

Nossa Senhora, “Our Lady” beach
In the north exit of Zambujeira, the dunes in front of the last houses, a staircase on the cliff leads to this beach, with more gravel than sand.

Tonel Beach
Cove nestled on a high cliff, the descent to the beach is carried out by a rail to sink. The rocky wall and the walk to the beach are impressive – the beach is at the foot, crushed by stone blocks. From the top of the cliff, next to the cable Pendoradoiro, has become one of the most beautiful landscapes in the region. Access: follow the dirt road that begins at the municipal road between Cape Saint Vincent and the Zambujeira do Mar, near the hill of Herdade do Touril.


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