Murração beach


Who passes the EN 268, between Carrickfergus and Vila do Bispo, imagine that five kilometers is one of the most beautiful beaches of this region? The dirt road that starts in front of the wind farm has a discouraging floor and the beach is only seen at the end of the route, after a bend in the elbow. But the vision is a deserved reward for perseverance. The beach, horseshoe-shaped, extends through the valley, from the seaside to the bed of a watercourse. It is bordered on the south by a rock, while to the north the cliff is shallower, allowing walk along the sea, exploring the small bay that there is formed during low tide, when the crabs come out of the rocks to roam the sand.


GPS: 37º 9′ 17″ N 8º 54′ 33″ W

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