The Mira River  is a Portuguese river which rises in Almodovar municipality, Sierra Cauldron, at an altitude of 470 m, which runs about 145 km to empty into the Atlantic Ocean near Vila Nova de Milfontes. It is of the few rivers in Europe that runs from South to North, such as Sado river.



Your course has a total length of 145 km and will pour next to Vila Nova de Milfontes, 30 km south of Sines. In most of its course, the gap is low and can therefore be considered the river aged (Andrade, 1986). The catchment area of the River Mira, located in the southwest of Portugal, has a total area of 1600 km². The north is limited by the catchment area of the Sado River, the south by the river basins of the rivers from the Monchique mountains to the east by the river basin of the Guadiana River and west by the coastline.

Among the main tributaries of the Mira stand out the stream of Torgal, the Luzianes and Perna Seca rivers on the right bank, Macheira, William and Telhares on the left bank. In coastal areas, water lines run perpendicular to the coast and drain directly to the sea.

The valley of the River Mira, from the town of Beja to the mouth, is inserted in the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina.

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