Zambujeira de Baixo

The Seixe of Ribeira is in its final leg, the boundary between the municipalities of Beja and Lagos, between the Southwest Alentejo and the northwest of the Algarve in southern Portugal.

According Adalberto Alves, on your Arabisms dictionary of the Portuguese language, the origin of Seixe place-name is the Arabic word sayh, ‘torrent’.

The main watercourse initially takes the Ribeira name Leg Black. It feeds on several streams that descend from the Serra de Monchique. After a journey of about 6 km, receives the Brook Stream, on the left bank, and immediately after the Ribeira do Montinho.

Near the towns of Foz Leg Drought and Bemparece, receives the Ribeira do Lameiro. From here is called Ribeira Seixe. Then passes through Valley Eagle, Reguengo and Zambujeira de Baixo, towards east – west. Then takes the northwest direction and passes near the village of St. Michael and Baiona until arriving next to Odeceixe village, returning to take the westbound to the mouth, in Odeceixe Beach on the Atlantic Ocean.

This final leg is part of the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina.

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