Sagres Castle or Fortress of Sagres

The Fortress of Sagres, also referred to as Sagres Castle is  located in a dominant position crowning the Ponta de Sagres, in the southwest of the Algarve in Portugal.


At the steep cliff, constantly windswept, the visitor enjoys a stunning panoramic along the coast, especially in the coves of Sagres, Cabo San Vicente (extreme southwest of Europe) and the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

The fortification  and its surroundings, is integrated in the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina, offers the possibility of a close look at the natural heritage of the coast, especially the flora, housing some of the most representative species of the region as, eg “Allium ampeloprasum” (leek-mad), “Armeria welwitschii” (herb-divine), “Asteriscus maritimus” (pampilho-sea), “Crithmum maritimum” (perrexil-fish), “Juniperus turbinata” (Zimbreiro), “Malva sylvestris” (mauve), “Pancratium maritimum” (Narcissus-the-sand), “Spartium junceum” (esparto).

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