“Promontorium Saacrum” in Sagres?

There is no certainty about what would be the exact location of this “sacred promontory” that permeated much of history of the fort, but it is possible to identify, in general, an area that would extend from the tip of Misericórdia in Arrifana, comprising the Cabo of  Saint Vincent and the Ponta de Sagres.

This space, called by many as the end of the known world is one of the largest areas of standing stones and megalithic buildings in Europe. Visited by browsers coming from the Mediterranean Sea from c. 4000 BC, was quoted from classical antiquity by Avieno, Strabo and Pliny as a worship area dedicated to Saturn or Hercules, strong connotation of deities with the maritime world. Later, during the Islamic occupation of the Iberian Peninsula sharpened up his place of pilgrimage character and are called then “Chakrach” having very contributed to this legend of the relics of the Christian martyr St. Vincent de Zaragoza.

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