The Church of Nossa Senhora da Graça

The building of the present temple was replaced, possibly in 1570, during the reign of  D.Sebastian. Thecformer chapel of Santa Maria was erect in 1459 by Prince Henry. After the 1755 earthquake, was rebuilt and added  the sacristy and the bell tower.


It features a simple quadrangular single nave with small windows isolated on the walls and shot in barrel vault. The headboard with the attached sacristy, also features square plan and is surmounted by a hemispherical dome. The main facade is marked by the entry door with lintel and gable roof. The bell tower, built in the location of the ancient ossuary of the cemetery, is accessed through a staircase on the east side.

Here can be found, since 1997, the altarpiece in the Baroque style of the Chapel of St. Catherine of Belixe Fort.

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