Aljezur is a land of ancient origins, whose antiquity is attested by the many archaeological remains have been found. Its territory is inhabited since prehistoric times.

Aljezur was founded in the tenth century by the Arabs who remained here for five centuries before the Christian conquest and here left important marks such as the castle, your tank, the place names, like many legends and folktales.

In the thirteenth century, during the reign of Afonso III, Aljezur was definitely taken from the Moors by Paio Peres Correia. Aljezur is replaced by charter from November 12, 1280, granted by King D. Dinis.

On June 1, 1504, D. Manuel reformed Charter Diplomatic D. Dinis, giving the town the title of  “Noble and Honorable.”

In 1725 Aljezur was deeply devastated by an earthquake. The Bishop Francisco Gomes de Avelar had built the Church of Our Lady D’Alva in place opposite the village so that the inhabitants should be transferred to that location and there grow a new population center, changing its name to the new church.


With a line of very rocky coast, which is interrupted several times by wonderful beaches that give name to the various beaches. Almost all beaches are the mouths of major rivers in the region. Along the beaches can observe the imposing cliffs, carved from schist and greywacke, sharply of gray and black.

  • Beach do Amado
  • Beach da Amoreira
  • Beach da Arrifana
  • Beach da Bordeira
  • Beach da Carreagem
  • Beach do Monte Clérigo
  • Beach de Odeceixe
  • Beach do Penedo
  • Beach  da Quebrada
  • Beach da Samouqueira
  • Beach de Vale dos Homens
  • Beach de Vale Figueiras


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