Portugal is a country worth visiting

Good weather, fabulous beaches, wonderful food, breath taking beauty, inexpensive, the photographer’s heaven, great monuments and lots of History .The Perfect Tourist eMagazine can give you a thousand reasons to visit our country.

In The Perfect Tourist eMagazine we try to give you a different view of  Portugal.

We hope you will  discover this unique country in the world, realize who created it and why.

We want you to come to Portugal and visit our cities, towns and places in a different  way – Portuguese and travellers do not notice the symbology and completly ignore the historical significance of each place.

It`s up to you to discover what many Portuguese have seeked over the centuries.

Find out what means “Falta Cumprir Portugal”, Portugal is yet to be accomplished.

Please uncover  Portugal , our country is definitly a gem to disclose.

The Perfect Tourist Team

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