Pena´s Park and Palace

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This  may be considered Sintra´s simbol, an amazing Palace that takes you back in time and a fantastic Park with exotic and native plants and trees.


The park has several must visit spots:

The Friars Garden or Queen´s Garden ( Horta dos Frades ou Jardim da Rainha)

It´s located where the primitive friars garden existed at the time of the monastery in the 15th Century. Afterwards  it was build the Queen´s Garden to honour the queen D.Amélia.


Saint Anthony´s Hill (Alto de Santo António)

Named after a chapel dedicated to this saint. After it´s destruction,The Collumns Temple was built , a nice observation point that today it is completely covered by a dense vegetation.


The Warrior ( O Guerreiro)

A warrior´s bronze statue standing in the middle of the rocks at 490 mts high. It is supposed to be the king D. Fernando protecting his work.




 The High Cross ( Cruz Alta)

A cross that standed in the highest point, 529mts , made out of rock and metal was destroyed by lightning.


Saint Catherine´s High Point (Alto de Santa Catarina)

Queen D.Amélia favourite´s observation point.  That´s why the carved granit bench is called  The Queen´s Throne


Monk´s Cave (Gruta do Monge)

It used to be a meditation place.


The Queen´s Ferns ( Feteiro da Rainha)

Another place named after  the Queen D. Amélia, a great Pena´s fan. here you can find ferns from around Australia and New Zealand. Chestnuts , Oaks and Beeches that co-exist with Camellias from Japan and northern American Giant Arborvitae


The Bird´s Fountain ( A Fonte dos Passarinhos)

Pavilion risen in 1853 inspired by the Arabic culture.


The Friar´s Pond ( Tanque dos Frades)

Traces from the Friars, on the top of the Camellia´s Garden. This garden is an explosion of colour and texture during flowering. It´s one of the few formal gardens in the park.


Valley of the Lakes (Vale dos Lagos)

Taking advantage of the water lines were created five lakes surrounded by ferns and large trees. The King D.Carlos used to fish Carps  in these lakes .


Opening Hours


High Season –

Park: 09.30am   –  08.00pm

Palace- 09.30am – 07.00pm


Low Season

10.00am – 06.00pm

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