The Yellow Stone Legend

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There, in the middle of Sintra is a rock capriciously elevated by nature, or produced by volcanic convulsions that has the following legend:


It was said once that beneath this stone was a hidden treasure  (enchanted treasure ) that belong to those who were able to bring down the cliff, shooting it with eggs. An old woman  got into her head that this treasure was hers. Then she began to gather as many eggs as possible and when she thought that was enough started her naive task. Loaded, little by little, all the eggs to the vicinity of the cliff, and got down to work. One by one, two by two, and as hard as possible, would throw the eggs against the Rock. When no eggs remained she had a terrible disappointment! The Rock was still in the same place, washed with eggs! And so, instead the rock it were the poor old woman’s dreams and hopes that were shattered to the ground !

And even today, people that are inclined to the wonderful  and magical world believe  it is possible to see the yolks on the  yellow mosses that cover the Rock.

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