Mouraria Light Walk 18th – 20 July

​​NOOR – ​​Mouraria Light Walk is an event of art and light that runs on the night of 18 to 20 July 2013 as the Moorish quarter, in Lisbon.

The Moorish quarter was one of the first Muslim ghettos of European history. Constructed of backs to the river and therefore no sun most of the day, its dark alleyways have become synonymous with illicit activities and bohemian life.

Promoted by the Lisbon City Hall and organized by EBANOCollective, NOOR – ​​Mouraria Light Walk gives  new perspectives and dialogues with the invisible and forgotten dimensions of  popular, traditional and multicultural  neighborhood

The path NOOR – ​​Mouraria Light Walk provides steps linked to significant elements of the tangible and intangible heritage of the neighborhood, underlined by installations and interventions from different artists. The churches along the route will be open during the event, and Largo da Rosa will host concerts, V-jamming, laser graffiti and lounge space.

Access will be made ​​by Mouraria Street (Martim Moniz) and the Largo do Caldas (Street Regedor).



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