Saint George or S. Jorge

Saint George or S. Jorge
savior of the city

If you go back to the Siege of Lisbon, by the troops of King Afonso Henriques, it is known that some Templars were involved in making the precious help of the city. These knights were mostly coming from England. On the battlefield, these English knights, shouting the name of their patron saint – Saint George – with infantry D. Afonso Henriques was following these chants during the assaults on the city. Adopting this cry and adapting it to the Portuguese language, quickly became the Saint, whom all attributed the liberation of the city of Lisbon, the infidels and such snakes. Saint George or S. Jorge, savior of the city, was something that happened naturally. Also interesting the fact that the majority of the representations S. Jorge, it is common to see a holy knight with long blond hair falling in ringlets over her shoulders, mounted in white to exterminate any reptile.

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