Unique nine islands in the Atlantic Blue, full of charms, each with its own identity. Mild temperatures that allow travel throughout the year, although the summer is always high season. The high humidity and regular rainfall keep away many travelers and what a mistake!


Here you can find a peace and a calm unmatched, ideal to rest . With breathtaking landscapes and an unique cuisine, a visit that will be remembered forever.

açores 1 açores 3No matter if you only visit one or several islands there is always the will to return many times.

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Can start with San Miguel, by far the most lively, with a considerable number of hotels and add more islands to have the perfect trip.

Throughout the Archipelago you can find various types of nautical activities, such as diving, whale watching and dolphins, deep sea fishing, surfing and body boarding. Or the marked trails for hiking , spend the day in a natural pool or on the beaches with volcanic sand.
Do not miss  the Furnas, the islet of Vila Franca do Campo or the ponds and waterfalls throughout the islands.

Visit the Nature Reserve Pinhal da Paz, the Pineapple and Tea  Plantations. Immerse in yellow water pool in the Natural Park of the Hotel Terra Nostra and eat the famous Portuguese stew made ​​in the center of the earth!

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